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Starbucks on me!
Refer 5 of your friends and receive a Starbucks $10 gift card


  1. This special promotion is only for Members of the Metrocrest Chamber of Commerce.
  2. Through this special promotion, you will be rewarded with a Starbucks $10 gift card for every five (5) friends you referr to the Serrano Insurance Agency.
  3. In order to partiipate and/or earn the gift card, your friends do not have to obtain an insurance quote nor do they have to purchase a Farmers Insurance.
  4. Please include your friend's: email your friend's complete name, address, cell phone number and email address to: 
  5. In order to participate, you have to include all the requested information in #4.
  6. Submit only names and info of friends that you know well as I will reference you as one that referred me to them.
  7. You can participate as many times as you like, just not referring the same names. Remember that each submission needs to include at least five friends.
  8. The gift cards will be awarded at the Metrocrest Chamber of Commerce meeting. 
Contact Information
phone: (469) 546-7000
Offer Valid: June 22, 2017September 30, 2017
Metrocrest Chamber of Commerce